As Above - So Below

15th Day of Kythorn , 1489 DR How much for that Gnome in the window

Of gnomes and portents of darkness.

The party awakes healed, cleaned and supported by the village of TreestreamMayor Brynford Broadtree tells them that their presence is fortuitous and shows them a gray horse named Treetrot, he found during a violent hail storm in the woods.




Then he introduces them to Ruallin, a bard and fellow planar traveler, who is trapped here also. 

She tells a tale of forbidden love, a unicorn and a horde of Orcish Ogres. The tale ends sorrowfully with the unicorn cursed and separated from it's horn. She believes the horse is the unicorn returned, only without it's horn.


She proposes to seek out the tomb of the Sya-Negran(the Orc/Ogre invaders) leader - Tamiach. She believes if the party will find the horn, and reunite it with Treetrot he will transform into the unicorn. Who … is also known as Iriandel, Guardian of Portals in the part of the Feywild.

The party agrees, and digs around. Finding a group of horned Sylvan Elves to the south. Qelnef, their leader tells them "Go north for four days." 

So party heads north.

After the third day of traveling they meet a band of Ogres who try and communicate with them. Not attack or eat, but talk. No one speaks Giant.

After awhile they decide to follow the Ogres to where ever they want to take the group. 

An old quarry just to the east of the Knuckles area of the place they wish to go.

There they meet Yventhu, a slaver(?) who wishes to trade the Horn, because he knows where it is, for half of the gnomes in the village and 1,000 gp.


The party decides to pay him the gold, and they would find it themselves if he would provide a guide.

He gives them the feral looking orc, a tsryani as he calls himself, horned and brutish named Wuhlap.

Clearly not what he expected, he agrees to the terms and gives them the slave as a guide.


Leaving, Wuhlap agrees to lead them and destroy anything that gets in their way.



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