Aemon Ateos

Oldest Son of Quinn Ateos, Squire to Lady Saryiel


Handsome, soft spoken, dutiful.
Obedient son, able swordsman.


Being the oldest is always hard on children. The parents expect so much from their first offspring.
Such as it was for Aemon.
Named after his grandfather, he was faced with a father who rose up among the nobbles of Neverwinter’s elite and always seemed to find success.

Aemon tried to follow in his father’s footsteps. But commerce, politics and greed didn’t taste pleasant to the young man. He yearned for more. Something he could believe in, serve and change the world for the better.
He wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself.

As the gods would have it, he met an adventurer in one of his father’s weekly trade meetings. This man, Stavros Sizmek was a knight of Torm. He called himself a servant, but Aemon’s mother told him, that that man was a not just a knight. He was a paladin – a holy servant of the god. Chosen to take commands directly from Torm.

This intrigued the young man. The possibilities exploded in his mind. Travel, meet other people. Help other people. Change the world. Torm was the god of Duty and Loyalty, and oft time Aemon only saw the lack of duty or loyalty and only corruption among the men his father entertained and did business with.

He sought out the knight after the business had been concluded. The man was patient, and kind. He listened and understood. He looked at the boy, and seemed to pierce his soul with a gaze that had seen much of this world.

Aemon served Stavros for 4 months as his squire. One night at a party to honor a local lord of Waterdeep who had come visit Neverwinter, Stavros died. No one knows the cause, no healing attempts by the doctors on hand could stop it, and afterwards nothing was found to determine why or how he died.
Whispers amongst many of the attendee’s reached Aemon’s ears. Those rumors spoke of how his father did this, that it was believed Stavros tricked the boy and used him to gain influence, power and gold from the nobles of Neverwinter. That a true knight would never seek to pluck the first son of a powerful man away from his family.
But rumors, like weeds grow. And eventually you can’t quite tell where it began or how to stop them.

Enter Stavros’ first squire, Lady Saryiel Silverspear of Evermeet. An elvish noblewoman who had a beauty that belied her age, and her humbleness.
Lady Saryiel was heir to all of Stavros’ material possessions and after he requested it, the squire, Aemon as well.

Aemon joined Lady Saryiel and her traveling companions, The Revenant Vow.

Aemon Ateos

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