Dawn Mistwalker

Liar, and agent of Kalarel the Vile. Deceased. Free roaming ranger, forager and guide of Villane.


Dawn Mistwalker is a free roaming ranger, hunter, trapper, forager and guide for the village of Villane. Along with her father, Elb Mistwalker, they provide a regular fur trade plus they are guides to those who would hunt, fish and general explore the Neverwinter Woods.


Dawn was recommended to the party to help them find and stop local goblin raids on merchants traveling to and from Villane. She led them deep into the forest, roughly a days walk north easterly to a hill overlooking a ruined complex. There she told the party, they would find goblins. Unbeknownst to her, and the party, it was a former temple to Shar the goddess of Darkness.

On 12 Day, Mirtul 1489, her “father” Gert requested rescue mission was mounted by Kedwyn, Wanwhi’varn, and Vrinne to save Dawn from a “dragon” near the ruins of a temple dedicated to a goddess named Curna.

What was believed to be a dragon turned out to be Kenku bandits. They had taken her as a captive. The adventurers fought these bandits and their Harpy ally only to discover through a chance[[Letter to Dawn/Ninaran from Kalarel | lettter]] that she is not THE Dawn Mistwalker, but someone else. Someone named Ninaran, and works with or for Kalarel the Vile.

She was shot and left to die, but the party decided to burn her until there was nothing left for Kalarel to bring back to use against them.

Dawn Mistwalker

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