Gert Mistwalker

Father of Dawn Mistrunner, guide, and ranger.


Old, and leathery with trusting eyes.


Gert Mistwalker has been a part of the village of Villane for as long as anyone can remember. He and his wife, Lyani moved here from Red Larch some 30 years ago. They had followed some friends who were exploring nearby ruins. They like the village well enough, and stayed.

He became a regular sight. Always bringing food, furs and bad jokes back from his days in the forest.
The two had a daughter, Dawn.
Gert’s wife died during child birth.
So he raised the girl as best he knew how, taught her how to hunt, fish, live of the land. All the things he knew, and she did. She grew to be a better hunter, tracker, and ranger, than he ever dreamt of. It was like the forest accepted her.
Until that day 5 years ago when they took shelter in Greyward during a bad storm.
Gert stayed and made camp while Dawn explored the lower floors. Gert says she was gone for a couple of hours, but felt like years to him. Panicked with concern, he went in search of her and found her collapsed on floor. Not a mark on her.
When she came to she was… different. He couldn’t explain it. Just assumed she saw something she didn’t want to share. So he didn’t press her on the matter.

Eventually, her personality seemed to return. But she was still distant at times and looked at him like he was a stranger.
But she was all he had and he loved that girl with all his being.
So when a recent band of Kenku bandit’s attacked them and took her. He was struck with fear. Age and the fact he believed it be something else other than bird men, gripped him with an icy fear. So he went to Villane for help.
He found it in a group of explorers, much like he was once. He lead them back to the temple grounds of Curna, goddess of wisdom. There they bade him wait.
So he did, until they return to tell him his little girl was dead. He tried to get her body back so he could have her buried with her mother. They wouldn’t let him.
He was empty now.
So empty he yearns for death’s embrace.
He knows someone in town who might be able to help him. Maybe he’ll know what to do.

Gert Mistwalker

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