Kalarel the Vile

Servant of darkness, building a tower out of the bodies and souls of the dead somewhere in the Neverwinter


Pale, ethereal, deathly….Dark presence of Orcus.


An evil priest or champion of Orcus the Prince of Undeath.
The Shield of Villane has encountered him on numerous times, but have not physically accosted him.

He has been seen each time a person has died and someone near the deceased is in possession of one of “his red coins”. When this occurs, a cabal of shadow goblins scurries the body away in a horse drawn wagon that disappears just as quick as it appeared.

He has many allies who are either in league with him or merely pawns of his own plans. He has an interest in something called the Spires of Shar. The Shield of Villane discovered one of them in the Abandoned Moathouse, a giant obelisk of great evil. A current theory is that the shards (however many there may be) are related to an ancient Netherese flying city that has crashed somewhere in the region.

Sometime during one of the many nights the company was there, it was activated and somehow, summoned the dead from their resting places. It is believed that the incident was not localized to the keep itself, but possible further away as well. A swarth of land was destroyed as if an army of the dead had marched through.

It is believed that he is establishing a fortress made of the flesh of the dead somewhere in the Neverwinter(Margreve) Woods.

Kalarel the Vile

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