An extremely tall, gaunt figure hidden beneath a layer of worn robes. A voice grinding like stone from the grave.
Courteous and polite, but a hidden plan lies beneath his honeyed words.


Not much is known of this mysterious figure. 

He “approached” Wanwhi’varn in Villane and discussed his current Patron status, and that perhaps he would be better suited serving another. 
The name Qorgeth was mentioned.  Qorgeth the Wriggling God. Qorgeth the Devouring Worm. Qorgeth the Great Destroyer. Qorgeth the Everlasting.

Wanwhi’varn declined the offer at that time, but Kyuss pursued the conversation two other times since then. Never pressing, or threatening, only … offering.

It is believed that Kyuss is more than he seems.


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