Leoven Envara

Elven noble, childhood bully of Feng


Haughty, powerful and pretty to look at. And he knows it.


Childhood bully and lifelong antagonist to Feng, Leoven Envara is what most people think a Sun Elf is. Proud, self-centered and arrogant. He is all these things, and more.

You see, he is also a member of a secret organization. The Eldreth Veluuthra. An elvish group seeking to rid all of Faerun of anyone not an elf, and destroying those who would stop them.

He has on not less than three occasions recently attempted to harm Feng.
The most recent was less physical and more … mental.
Feng was separated from his friends when they were at the tree of the Honey Queen in the Margreve Woods. Leoven and two accomplices placed a sleep spell on Feng and took him away where a more powerful magic user cast a form of the spell Geas on Feng.

While under this spell, he believed a necklace he wore was a symbol of this racist organization. But Feng believed it to be a totem given to him by his birth father. If ANYONE attempted to take the necklace from Feng, he would kill them. That included friends.

The second command he was given was to dispose of the necklace in the well of Ateos Keep at his first chance. That was all.

What Feng and his friends did not know was that the necklace contained a alchemically mutated troll which would grow while in water, and would also poison said water. The poison, created by Xanaphia, was a field test to see if it would indeed kill anyone not human.

It seemed to work, as the town who had been drinking from the water source were slowly dying.

He is currently at large and is very dangerous despite his feigning stupor.

Leoven Envara

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