Marissa Ekwith al'Hansel


Former bard of Silverymoon, erstwhile friend and occasional love interest of Kedwyn Tel’Morah. She is also the ward of Ser Falen Edwith al’Hensel, a knight/aristocrat of middling influence in Silverymoon.

One of three bards sent into the wilds of the North on a special investigative assignment by a wealthy patron of the House of the Harp of Silverymoon.

Marissa was tasked with an investigation of Orlane, her actual assignment is unknown. She was sent ahead of the other two students almost a full year before the others.

It is unknown at this time when she was “changed” to become an obedient worshiper of the Scaled Scion known as Explicitus Defilus.
But after it occurred she “married” the local Blacksmith, Aelric.
She sent letters to Kedwyn but he only recently got them.

She is grateful to see her friend, but is quite bitter about his appearance only now that she is pregnant with Aelric’s child.

Her memory of what has occurred is spotty. Only bits and pieces begin to emerge. Her recent re-introduction to Kedwyn seems to have shaken whatever control was forced upon her.

Marissa Ekwith al'Hansel

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