Ostler Gundigroot

Former owner of the Welcome Wench Inn of Villane, now Acolyte of Torm


Owner of the large, two storied inn – The Welcome Wench of Villane. A highly profitable establishment, well liked, well patroned.


Ostler’s first encounter with the party was when they entered his establishment. Upon seeing them, and recognizing that they were “ratcatchers”(a common slur for adventures based upon the fact that many start their careers by performing menial tasks such as rodent infestations), he panicked. He pleaded with them “Don’t kill anyone.” Perplexed they started to ask, and he stopped them first, “Don’t draw blood, please. If you intend to stay, just don’t draw your blade. Don’t hex, or curse anyone. Just don’t kill anyone!” He squeaked, breaking into a panicked sweat as he spoke.

So they didn’t.
Until local bounty hunters came a-calling for Ked’wyn, paid by a nobleman he insulted, and impugned his daughter’s honor. Or so the tale goes. It couldn’t be helped.
The party attempted not injure the men, but Feng in all his orcish strength and blunder tossed an injured bounty hunter out the doorway, except the poor man caught his head on the frame, snapping his neck and dropping his body like a rag doll.

The room fell silent.

And then the goblins poured in, grabbing the body. A fell mist swirled into the inn, and a man/woman floated in, garbed in red and black robes, bald and pale.
“Your payment, Gundigroot, per our arrangement.” And the newcomer dropped a large red coin on to the bar countertop.
The goblins collected the body, and the robed figure left, as if they had never been there.

Later it was discovered that this was Kalarel the Vile, a practitioner of dark magic who was building a tower with the bodies of the dead and paying people these red coins for the bodies he collected.

Gundigroot told a tale of woe and poor choices and why he was involved. And now, any time someone was killed in his presence, Kalarel would appear and collect the bodies and pay with 1-2 red coins. He told them how badly he wanted more coins, and how awful he felt by doing so. While he didn’t kill anyone, he didn’t try to stop them either. Except for tonight. He believes he is cursed and his inn is as well.

The party are current customers of his.

Ostler Gundigroot

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