Terjon, Cannon of Torm

Newly appointed abbot of Villane's temple of Torm.


A man of middle years. A former traveling cleric/adventurer turned bastion of stability. With all the lives he has seen lost, Terjon has sought Torm’s guidance in the future of others instead of his own. This has lead him to a very quick path with the hierarchy of Torm’s church.

No longer wandering, he has served in the temple of Neverwinter for two years, battling sickness, disease, death and undeath. And in performing his duty, Torm rewarded him.

When it was announced that the abbottess of Villane disappeared, and the temple was struggling, the elders decided to send him in to re-establish the temple and help grow it near the wilds of the Margreve Wood.

Terjon, Cannon of Torm

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