Time trapped apprentice of Ioulaum


Netherese apprentice to Ioulaum, trapped in the observatory building when Xinlenal fell.

The Shield of Villane discovered him when he saved them from a patrol of fearsome Yuan-ti after they arrived at the Observatory.

An anomaly in this place, Tessaril a bright young man, found himself enslaved and bound by a magical chain to the naga known as Explicitus Defilus, the Scaled Scion.

He wasn’t quite aware of how long he had been trapped, but he knew it was quite some time. He said the naga had once been a guardian for Ioulaum’s vault, part of his observatory to the multiverse. Some how the pocket dimension and years of solitude corrupted her, warped her mind. She cried out and “Dendar heard her – and gave her power”. Soon after that he said, the Yuan-ti found a portal the plane. In finding her, worshipped her and fed upon her thirst for power.

As she grew, she shared that with them. All along planning on freeing her from this place.

Tessaril kept her weighed down. She was quite smart, but he knew his masters art. And kept wards and other backdoor methods of keeping her rooted to this place.

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