The NeverWinter Woods

This forest east of Neverwinter seems to have a magical quality about it, or at least an air of mystical secrecy. The always-warm Neverwinter river, which flows out of the wood, has its source deep beneath Mount Hotenow, a sleepy volcano in the northern wood. Fire elementals are said to live deep within Hotenow. The steep mountains to the north of Hotenow hide griffon lairs.

Also known as the Margreve to the fey, and other inhabitants of the wode, this forest is supernaturally bestowed to cause fear in any who travel through it. It sometimes seems "alive", as if the forest itself would set itself against travelers. Many believe the there is a Genius Locis at the heart of the forest, which might explain many of its mysteries. Travelers are unable to determine the direction when in this magical forest.

The forest is warm due to the Neverwinter river. It hides many secrets of ancient civilizations, the mark of orcs invasion, the progenitors of Uthgardth himself, a passage to Feywild and many other mysteries.

With the passing of the Spellplague, many of the fey creatures who fled to the Feywild have started returning en masse to the Neverwinter. Many discovering their ancestral homes gone, overgrown, or taken over by other creatures.

These woods have never been logged by men (they are feared and shunned by the locals), and even today are largely unknown. The depths are said to harbour dire creatures. Orc hordes always seem to go around the woods, never through them.

The party has made two ventures into the wode at this time.


The NeverWinter Woods

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