As Above - So Below

17th Day of Kythorn, 1489 DR

The Tomb of Tamaich



The far flung Wan'whivarn arrives moments after the party is led to the old burial site of Tamaich the Invincible, Tsariyn warlord-conqueror.


He has made a binding pact with a feywild inhabitant.  A priestess named Elesone Tel'Morah wishes to recover the Spear of Iriandel to slay a demon known as the Ashbringer and stop its perversion of the Autumn Lands.  


But the Shield of Villane is trying to recover the same item to restore the unicorn known as Iriandel to his former self as the custodian of the Feywild portals.


Discussion ensued about conflicting issues. Immediate mistrust of this "priestess" and her intents to use the unicorn horn. 


More to discuss and decide. Much more.


The party spends the better part of a day and a half digging the opening to the barrow. 

After much work, they finally enter the sealed tomb, a hallway that runs the circumference of it is followed along the left path. Leading to a trapped dead end. 


After a harrowing encounter, they party decided to go the other way, cautiously.

Skorri leads the way along another wooden ramped corridor.

But it is not trapped and leads to a smaller interior hallway, jutting left and right.

To his right, he finds a circular room with 5 stacks of animal skulls or all kinds, boars, bears, hedgehogs, deer and even a few mountain lion. Curious, he searches. He finds what looks to be an amber gem.

Reaching for it, the ceiling changes, a reaction to the hidden trap he just sprung. It morphs from solid earth to heavy mud -swallowing him whole.

After a few moments of breathless attempts, they free him.

And almost as soon as he is freed, the secondary aspect of the trap is set free. 4 earth elementals bound to this trap. Killing Wan'whivarn outright, but thanks to the blessings of Ilmater, Gaspar is able to revive his fallen comrade.


After dispatching the nearly impossible elementals, Kedwyn leads the way down this small corridor.

There he encounters a oddly lit room with a magical statue of an Ogre looking warrior. Seeing shadows move on the walls, and fearing an attack he thunderwaves the area, destroying the statue and canceling the illusionary shadows.

But releases a horrible sight.


A gibbering mouther spewing it's cacophonous sounds of evil.

Forcing Kedywn to flee, Wan'whivarn and Cricket stepped up. Wan'whivarn forced it back with a blast, and Cricket blasted it with fire. Then Skorri using a gust of wind, forced it back and quieted the dissonant sounds for a short moment. Finally, Feng focused his pent up anger at the abberant creature, hacking it to bits.


The party tired of traps and strange creatures, decide to take a moment and catch their breath.



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