Prideful young Green Dragon - enemy of elves.


Growing young green dragon. Currently self-proclaimed Lord of the elvish ruins of Sharandar.


Angkar’Endeem was encountered by the Shield of Villane after they had followed a portal from an Eldreth Veluuthra cell location into someplace within the Neverwinter Woods.

He threatened the party with death, as he declared himself “Lord of the Sharandar”. He has a hatred of elves and their ways. He has taken it upon himself to conquer and control what he believes to be the ruins of the Sharandar.

He was convinced not to devour the party by Ser Harkuren. Harkuren used the dragon’s own vanity and pride to bribe him with 8 obisidan stones(possibly magical) that were found in the Eldreth Veluuthra’s hold. The stones were similar to a necklace recovered by the bard, Kedwyn Tel’Morah.

Rumors are now persisting that the mighty dragon has befallen a horrible fate. Enslaved, overpowered? Who knows? Only stories that he has been turned into an undead monstrosity and serves Kalarel the Vile!


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