As Above - So Below

The Tomb of Tamiach: Part 2

17th Day of Kythorn, 1489 DR


The Tomb of Tamiach proved to be much more frustrating at times than expected.

The stone work, the illusions, the undead.


The restless spirit of Tamiach stirs.


Finding the actual resting place of the Syn-Negan Overlord proved more tiresome than anticipated, but upon doing so proved revealing.


Not just a mere creature of bloodlust and hate, the Syn-Negan appear to have been… or be a people with a culture.

A skill with magic as well as weapons. Elaborate deterrents were placed to keep would be tomb robbers away.


But it did not stop the Shield of Villane.


Moving through the tomb, the Shield encounters several illusionary deterrents, so much so when they finally encountered the wives of Tamiach, Feng ignored them and proceeded further into the complex.


In doing so, the wives burst through their sarcophagi and attacked!


Feng continued, and it was then, when Tamiach the destroyer. The Elfeater. Bane of the lands of the Autumn people rose from his "resting" place and attacked and ultimately slew Feng.


The wives of Tamiach proved a horrifying match for the party, an ill-placed fireball to destroy them dropped the bard and nearly turning him into ash in the process.


Tamiach took Feng's now lifeless body and used it as a weapon against the heroes.

He charged the druid, Skorri who's wind magic held little affect on the destroyer. To fend off the foul wraith, the dwarf changed into a giant snake. And while in Feng's body, Tamiach was held in place, but the wraith isn't limited to a physical form.

Shifting to the ethereal plane, he leaves Fengs body and attempts to possess Skorri and is rejected!


Sensing a shift in battle, the wraith attempts another victim. He moves away, but not before Gaspar's summoned Spiritual Weapon and a large bite from Skorri the snake overload the undead creature causing it to explode in a black wave of energy particles.


The party regroups and looks to their wounded and the dead.


But time stops for Vrinne. She finds herself back in the throne room of her dream. And the being known as Tchazzar speaks with her. He tells her he can help bring Feng back to the world of the living, but only if she accepts him as part of her.


Not sure what he means, she asks and he shows her. Take the diadem, the Eye of Tchazzar into yourself. A mirror appears showing her reflection with the red gem replacing one of her eyes.


"Do this and I can help you grow stronger, control your abilities and we shall not diminish. I can even help bring your friend… back. I can purge the weakness from him. He can serve us. He can champion us."


With the prospect of bringing her friend back to life, what harm could come from this if I am to be stronger and this T'chazzar wants to help me.


She burns her left eye out, and lays the Eye of T'chazzar against the now empty socket. The pain was great but she kept it subdued. The Eye adjusted to her. fitting as comfortable as it could within the displaced socket. 

She then felt compelled to lay her hands on Feng. Bright orange flames began to grow from her arms, and spread down to her hands, then to Feng's body. The light drew the attention of the others, and it look as if she would burn him to ash.


But in a few moments, she lifter her hands away and the smoke soon fell. There lay Feng, forever changed. No longer a half-orc. No. Now he was a fey orc, a Tsayrian. A childe of the Wilde, horned and toothed for battle.


The party shaken by this and Vrinne's sudden change in appearance.

Concern and weariness sink in.


Brother Gaspar goes deeper into the tomb while the others talk with Vrinne and the "new" Feng, within he finds a treasure chest with items, but no horn. He searches in the piles of pillage goods from times past and wrapped in a burlap cloth, he finds the Horn of Iriandel.


It's power. So pure and unbridled, just bristles within his fingers.

The thought of keeping for himself and the good he could do with ever so briefly flashes across his mind.


He returns to the others as they are setting up camp. The conversation returns to what to do with the horn. Kedwyn states they need to return it Iriandel and reinstate the unicorn into power, while Wan'whivarn argues that he has pledge a duty to destroy the Ashbringer with the horn.


Not making ground either way the party rests and the next morning heads back to Treestream.

As the cross the great barren plains before the forested gnome village, they see it.


Thick smoke billowing from the trees.


They turn to one another certain of the cause.

Yventhu and his slavers!



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