Letter to Dawn/Ninaran from Kalarel


I am pleased to hear that you’ve made inroads while working with these “ratcatchers”. Continue to do so.

I am less than pleased with your handling of Constable Greatheart. You should have seen to it these people were put to the sword and saved her, instead you befriend the elf. The alliance with Frida and her tribe of Goblins would have strengthened my own relationship with the tribes I have under my command.

Nonetheless, I have two tasks for you and your “father”. In the forest, I have learned there are the remains of a temple that was once dedicated to Curna.

Search the temple, and see what remains of their library. Find the any maps you may that have of any tombs, cairns or gravesites locations. Anything we can use and call upon in His name to aid us. Also, continue to look for any books relating to the use of portals.

Also, find out what Lareth is trying to unearth in the old moat house. I do not trust that elf. Faith in that slime god is useful, but the elf may stand against us regardless of what promises were made to bolster our army.

Perhaps you can persuade your new “friends” to see what they can discover. Do so I shall reward you further.

In the meanwhile, Blacktongue is scheduled to meet with our gnoll contacts. If he does not return with our packages, remind him whom he serves. If the servant of Saexton is there, make sure he receives his slaves, and leaves our departed alone. I heard what he did in Orlane. I would not bargain with that beast again.

Use the map, I have provided to find the temple.


In his unholy name,


Letter to Dawn/Ninaran from Kalarel

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